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Trading accounts for new angle perspectives

Make a breakthrough in CFD trading with Capton Holdings. An innovative online trading approach helps Capton Holdings set low spreads and optimal leverage for all three trading accounts. Choose the account to fit your needs and show your trading skills in international financial arenas.


The global leader in the world of online trading, the Forex market attracts the most extensive attention. $5 trillion daily turnover, high liquidity, and volatility, dependency on all major world’s issues – it’s a true roller-coaster for any trader willing to risk. Choose your way to the market top with major, minor, and exotic pairs covered.


The Crypto market was a true breakthrough from the very beginning. Since 2009 when Bitcoin was presented, digital coins started to gain popularity among traders worldwide. Round-the-clock trading, high volatility, and top security – that’s what cryptos are all about. Choose your winners from the list of coins available for CFD trading.


Got interested in well-reputed global companies’ shares or some small-but-promising companies has drawn your attention? With Futura Markets, you can explore the vastest choice of shares CFDs covering both, world’s giants and promising startups. Get to the forefront of stock trading today!


As one of the oldest markets, commodities are always a great choice in case you need to diversify your portfolio or hedge against inflation. Covering hard and soft commodities via CFDs Futura Markets grants you a chance to explore your new-angle trading perspectives with more than 45+ assets covered.


The indices market is considered as going big in the world of online trading. Combining a few stocks under one roof, index trading requires solid market expertise and analysis. Still, indices are also known as a less turbulent market than, for example, stocks due to their specificity. Trade CFDs on most popular global indices like NASDAQ100, S&P, FTSE100, DOW 30, and many more with Investby.

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